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I know, I know. This has been a long overdue entry that I should’ve done four days ago, but the writing bug had just hit me now. So here’s my shout out to my Team Dumaguete. The trip to Dumaguete would not be as colourful if not for these people, namely, Camsi, Tim and Kat- or now called, Team Dumaguete. The six days spent with these people were filled with so much fun, adventure, exploration and so much laughter it made my stomach hurt A LOT! There was never a dull moment with this bunch, I tell you. The memories I’ve shared with them are priceless.

Camsi sunbaking at Apo Island.

Tim atop the rock at the Fish Sanctuary.

Kat with her zips at Apo Island.

This is me with the Buggy.

The wackiness of this bunch began in our trip to Apo Island. From the drop-off point of Malatapay Market to Apo Island, we met Jess, a 26-year-old guy from England, who’s been travelling around the world for about 3 years now. Camsi and I have this habit of talking to each other with a pseudo or over exaggerated British accent, so when I heard Jess’ accent I thought I’d try it out with him this time. But to my embarrassment, well, I should’ve known from past experiences in Australia that I’ll never get the British accent, I think I just blurted out “How’s it going matey?” Then he tried to be nice and just laughed a bit, then maybe he realised he should tell me that I didn’t really speak British as it sounded Australian so he then blurted out ‘Umm, not quite.” Then the silence. A second after that, everyone broke into laughter. I was so embarrassed I wanted to jump off the out-rigger. TABLADO AKO ok?! hahaha We were drawing closer to Apo Island, everyone was getting excited as the Island and the water surrounding it just looks so enticing you’d want to jump off already. Well, I think someone got soooooo excited….and so she did. Kat decided to jump off straightaway from the side of the out-rigger right after parking, but she then realised that the water was not only knee deep (she had to change clothes after) but a bit more than that, it was a tad bit late as she was already soaked in water. When we saw the reaction on her face, everyone just burst into laughter, including Jess! Hahaha! Peace Kat! We spent the rest of the afternoon snorkelling and sunbaking. There's not much to do in the island but just relax and stare at the horizon. I didn’t mind not to have electricity in the Island during the afternoon, but at night, while we were having a few drinks, I was sweating like a pig! Oh and it got even worse than that as I was sweating while sleeping! Haha! At one point, I thought I took a leak in my dream and wet my bed hahaha! Yes it was that hot, no sea breeze at all! I ended up fanning myself til I fell asleep. In the morning, Kat told me that I woke up and got up from bed and asked her if she saw Kat, she replied, “I’m Kat!” and I said, “No, where’s Kat?! then went back to bed. Hahahahahahha! Shyttee that was the funniest! I can just imagine her face at that time, she must’ve been so “wierded” out by me. I can’t even remember doing it that day! But now that I’m trying to recall it, I think I did. I don’t sleep walk, but I do talk when I’m asleep as many have told me. We spent 2 nights in Apo Island, then went back to Dumaguete. After a few days in Dumaguete, we decided to go to Casaroro Falls, apparently its one of the most photographed falls here in the Philippines so we checked it out. We were suppose to go there by riding the buggy being rented out by Happy Fred's bar, but for some twist of fate the buggy just ain't working.So we had to take the 'habal-habal' to go to Casaroro. Getting to Casaroro was fun, we had to each ride a single motorcycle or called 'habal-habal' and ride at the back of the driver, it was a bit uncomfortable at first but you’ll get used to it as the travel time is quite long (about half an hour). The hike to the falls was really arduous as it takes 338 steps just to get down, then add a few more metres til you finally get to where the falls is. We really didn’t have a proper warm-up so our knees were already shaking right after. Another challenge is getting to the basin of the falls, there were too many rocks and they’re slippery. Once I'ved reached the basin of the falls, I can't help but be quiet or maybe pensive. The sound of the water hitting the basin was just so relaxing. We dipped in the basin, and damn the water was so cold-ice cold! We were shivering! It was amazing as it was my first time to get that close to a huge falls like that. On the way back, I was so confident that I won’t slip, and I did. I don’t know how it happened that I chose not to follow the path but take the other route, then there I go I fell flat on my a**! It didn’t hurt much but I was lucky there weren’t any sharp rocks that could have pierced my back or hit my head! Thank God! Spend the rest of the days in Dumaguete trying out different restaurants, bars etc. It's amazing how cheap food and drinks here in Dumaguete, and they're really good!

Tim, Me and Kat inside the over-sized tricycle.

Team Dumaguete with Jess at Liberty Resort in Apo Island. "Have a bittaahh beeeaahh at the bahhhr" hahah!

Me, Camsi and Kat at the Fish Sanctuary. "There were a lot of colourful corals that seem like a BRAIN of a human being! ahahahahah! Will never forget that barok video! hahaha!"

Team Dumaguete inside the Buggy.

Kat, Camsi and Tim at the Fish Sanctuary.

Team Dumaguete's last night. At "Hayahay", a famous hangout place in Dumaguete.

These were just some of the highlights of our trip to Dumaguete, it’s sad that theirs ended already. To Team Dumaguete! I miss all of ya! Wish you guys stayed much longer, so many places to go here in Dumags! Haha! But I’m sure we’ll have a lot more trips to go to! Thank you again for the memories! It’s a perfect send-off trip to the lost sputnik!

And now, I welcome Tina, the other sputnik. I’m sure that we’d share a lot of memories too and so looking forward to that! Cheers! Goodluck to us!

The other sputnik and the lost sputnik. Our first night in Dumaguete.


Til Then,

The Lost Sputnik

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