Friday, June 15, 2007

10 reasons why we HEART Negros Oriental

1. Dumaguete City
While it is very evident how the city openly welcomes change and development, we just love the fact that it has continuously nurtured the things, food, places and practices that have always attracted visitors to its shores and have made most of them claim the city as their new home.

2. Rizal Boulevard
It is amazing to see how Dumaguetenos openly profess their love for their boulevard by never failing to show up there for an afternoon walk, a picnic with their family, or a tempurahan gimik with their friends despite the continuous mushrooming of new hang-out places in the area. We think that nothing could ever replace the spot it holds in the hearts of Dumaguete locals, no matter how developed their city becomes.

3. Cheap Food
We love that even the fanciest restaurants at the heart of the city offer great food at very reasonable prices. Boston Market definitely tops our list of recommended restaurants when it comes to sumptuous yet very affordable meals. Also, let’s not forget the silvannas. This melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your hands sweet treat that has been a favorite among the locals for three decades now, truly melts the heart at every bite. It could even make non-sweet lovers a saccharine convert in no time.

4. Kookoo’s Nest
This is definitely the perfect place for anyone who loves to have some time away from the busy crowd and the pressures of work. The intense calmness of the place just forces one to relax. And as we found out, giving your nerves some off time could actually be a pleasant experience.

5. Tempurahan
This line of tempura kiosks along Rizal Boulevard is a perfect post-gimik hang-out, especially when depression starts to kick in after a round of alcoholic drinks. We think that street food is definitely the ultimate comfort food for Filipinos, no matter which part of the country we’re from. This would surely stop one from jumping over the seawall to drown his sorrows in the vast expanse of Dumaguete Bay.

6. The people
Many Dumaguetenos, though known to be gentle people, are a bit snobbish as we observed. But there were some remarkable ones who definitely gave us some great TLC. The waitresses at Le Chalet were always on stand by beside our table to promptly hand us a new bottle of beer and a good chat. The staff at Hoy Lugaw/Classroom simply did their best to meet our needs—they even allowed us to leave our bags there for two nights while we visited Antulang. The tricycle driver, who drove me from the airport to our lodging house, did his best to point out some of the popular places in the city upon learning that it was my first time in Dumaguete. Reynante, our habal-habal driver in Antulang, was also very generous in giving us trivia about the place and even took us to a look-out point to get a bird’s eyeview of Tambobo Bay.

7. Payag Jam
It has Malibu, vodka, pineapple juice and lots of crushed ice. It is served in a big mayonnaise bottle. And it only costs 100 pesos. You drink it in a lovely payag, with reggae music in the background. How could we not heart it? We just wish it would come with a bigger straw.

8. Water Refilling Stations
Why get those expensive water bottles from the grocery when you can easily get one from a water vendo machine anytime? Why don’t we have this in Manila?

9. Apo Island
One does not need to be a diver to appreciate the beauty of this island. Just from the surface one can enjoy the picture perfect view of the ocean while basking in the sun. The rich marine life is definitely something to be experienced as well.

10. Ukay-ukay
Ukay-ukay is also very popular in Dumaguete. A tricycle driver took us to the grand ukay-ukay tiangge in the city. It’s located right in front of the Evangelical Church along North Road in Barangay Piapi. We went there on a Saturday, which seems to be the designated delivery day for new arrivals. The clothes come in giant sacks, categorized by the type of garments (tops, pants, etc…). It was really surprising to see how the ukay-ukay phenomenon has taken over most parts of the country, and quite shocking to find some 40 to 50ish local females, looking quite conservative and a bit ordinary, checking out red lace thongs.


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joselle said...

you found the kookoo's nest?!? We thought only foreigners knew about that place! last time i was there, we were the only Pinoys felt weird, like we were not in the Philippines anymore, but in some tropical part of Ireland (i know that there's no such thing, but u get the idea). kookoo's nest is niiicee...yeah, the very definition of a 'get-away'...