Friday, June 15, 2007

Mystical Siquijor

The island of Siquijor gained its popularity from the many myths about sorcery and folk healing. It was believed to be the mecca of such practices. The island is overshadowed by these beliefs and only little is known about the innate beauty of the island. Having known all these, I’ve prepared myself for a mission to unravel the myth behind it and find out if there is a faint truth to it. And most importantly, to discover what the mystical island could offer to a sun worshiper like me.

On a Friday morning, Tina and I left Dumaguete and took the ferry ride headed to Siquijor. The ride was for an hour but seemed quicker as there were a lot of thoughts running incessantly in my head. I thought of the stories, well mostly the hair-raising ones that my friends, who have never been to Siquijor, have told me about the mystical island. I wasn’t scared or anything but I was more of amazed for such stories to have existed. I told myself, there should be something special about this place to deserve such attention and popularity.

I came with an open mind. I was willing to absorb whatever I could learn about the place or its practices. I didn’t even have a tinge of cynicism in me. I was that prepared for it. I wanted an adventure, an exploration, so I said,” Bring it on!”

So, I went out of the ferry.

I was astounded by what I have witnessed. When I laid eyes on the clear blue water below me and the pristine white sand on the distant shore. My heart skipped faster than usual. I was ecstatic.

It was the complete opposite of what I had imagined in my mind. I have pictured a gloomy island that looked eerie--a dark and mysterious piece of land enveloped by tall trees, with branches so intertwined that no ray of sunlight can pass through.

The island that greeted me had an abundance of sunlight. It was covered with lush greeneries, coconut trees that slanted towards the ocean floor and molave trees that stood tall against the strong wind. The long stretch of white sand was almost blinding as it reflected sunlight. The crystal clear water glistened as the water touched the shore.

The people were as warm as the sun. Bright smiles are painted on their faces and never seem to fade away.

In the island, the sun sets slowly, taking its own time as if refusing to retire after a long day. The sun waved goodbye and painted the sky in all shades of aqua, magenta, yellow and orange.

Deep inside me, I knew I have completed my mission albeit the short span of time I’ve spent in the island. From the short conversations I’ve had with the locals, I came to a conclusion that such myths about Siquijor had no absolute truth to it. They were all hearsay.

The only truth about the island is that it’s a paradise waiting to be discovered. An island so beautiful should be kept mystical for the well-deserved brave souls. No wonder myths have been created to protect a paradise like this.

til then,

The lost sputnik


beachbutterfly said...
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beachbutterfly said...

hi ronskidoodle!! sorry i wasn't able to chat to u the other night. Exam time u know?! So no sightings of manananggals or aswangs in sequijor? I saw ur videoke photo. I'm the diva remember?!! haha. i miss u. Ingat travelling. Love u heaps!

wormulus said...

Nice Siquijor photos bro...i'm planning to go there next month. Keep on rollin!

Anonymous said...

nice! i was looking for something that has to do with folk healing, for i know my lola was and lolo was as well, i have some knowledge too although i rarely practice it, only when needed and i don't even know if i ought to believe in such things. although many says im a natural healer being a "suhi" and all. my healing was proven although i still don't believe it.
anyway, this article is a good one! my congatulations, sputnik!