Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lost Sputnik turns 1!

Exactly one year ago, I embarked on a journey that made a big impact in my life.

I went around the Philippines for two and a half months with no concrete itinerary in hand. I was literally living in a suitcase, well a backpack to be exact.I went from one place to another and didn't really know where I wanted to go. Pretty much the same as how my life was back then. I really didn't know where my life was headed to. I felt like I was just doing things for me to get by but with no specific goal whatsoever. I felt empty. I felt angry.

During that time, all I wanted to do was to be away from everyone and everything. To get lost somewhere and hoped that I would find myself one day.

Luckily and thankfully, I did.

And looking back now, I can't believe how far I've gone.

I read a few articles I've written before and I couldn't picture myself that way anymore. The emotions I've felt while writing all the things in my blog at that time seemed so distant or strange to me now. It's probably because I'm in a better disposition now. And I couldn't be thankful enough.

Hopefully, things will stay the same.

I'm taking it one day at a time. Enjoying every bits of it.

Trying to keep positive at all times.

Til Then,

The Lost Sputnik

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching up..not quite

I haven't updated this site for the longest time since I left the Philippines. I've got a pile of photos from my recent trip to bangkok and phuket, but just haven't had the time to upload it. I promise to do it within the month. Anyway, I've been quite busy with work. I'm directing a tv show here in singapore called Fashion Forward. Check this out.

Will post photos of singapore soon too.

The Lost Sputnik

Monday, December 24, 2007

Leaving on a jetplane


I changed the banner a bit, before it read "Philippine Leg", now I made it "Southeast Asia". I have mentioned before that I'm planning to move to singapore to work right? Now, it is finally official, I'm leaving for Singapore tomorrow. But before I do that I'm dropping by to visit Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi in Thailand. Being based in Singapore will enable me to travel to other southeast asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos etc. So I'll be posting articles and photos of my travel real soon.

So wish me luck!

Til then,

The Lost Sputnik.

Friday, November 16, 2007


hey guys,

Check this out, the finalists for the PAL Photography Contest

I didn't win but it's all good as the competition was pretty tough, the finalists were equally awesome too.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Mother and Child" By: Ronald L. Rillo

Hi all,

I mentioned earlier that I got in as finalist for Philippine Airline's Photography Contest, I was finally able to confirm which entry they have chosen. It was the photo of a mother and child on an outrigger amidst the towering ships in Cagayan De Oro. The awarding is on the 10th of November at MOA. I hope I get the top prize he he! nah being in the finals is enough!

Bora by Jet

Last October 21-25, I directed a TVC for Asian Spirit in the Island of Boracay. I'm not a big fan of Boracay (yes, unfortunately), but during my short stay in the Island, I came to realise the charm it possessed that made a lot of people frequent the paradise. Aside from the crystal clear water and pristine white sand that the Island is known for, what makes Boracay special are the people, both locals and visitors. They are very warm and accommodating. If it was in the city of manila, I don't think they'd easily entertain people theyve never met. The Island has it's own culture--the beach culture that can't be found anywhere else in the Philippines. Probably comparable to the beach culture in bondi beach or gold coast. You'll never run out of things to do in boracay, from water sports to simply having a good massage on the beach. The strip of restaurants and bars are endless and mouthwatering. If ever I go back, I'd probably go not as a backpacker but tag along with my friends. The island is better with friends around you than being on your own.

Thanks to Asian Spirit, for the airfare and free board and lodging at Pearl of the Pacific.

Here are some of the photos during the shoot:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lost Sputnik got something to rave about

hey guys,

Just wanted to share some good news. Recently, I joined the PAL photo contest and luckily I got in the finals for the 'Enthusiasts Division - The Beauty of the Philippine People / Portrait Award'

I submitted photos from the 'the lost sputnik' travel I recently had a couple of months ago.

I'll post the photo as soon as find out which entry l submitted was chosen. I don't know which one yet. I'm guessing it's either the mother and son (badjao) or the kids in siquijor.

Announcement of winners will be on the 28th of October, Mall of Asia.

So wish me luck.

Winning it would be a bonus, I feel so lucky to land the top 12 out of 2,800 entries.

I'm so ecstatic right now.

here's the article:

1st Philippine Airlines Photo Contest Finalists

Philippine Airlines proudly announces the finalists of the 1st Philippine Airlines Photo Contest. Last week, five judges selected the finalists and winners out of some 2,800 entries submitted by professional , amateur and junior photographers nationwide. The 1st Philippine Airlines Photo Contest is the first and most prestigious competition of its kind this year, with winners from the Professional, Enthusiast and Junior divisions receiving over a million pesos in total prizes.

Here are the finalists (In random order):

Professional Division - The Beauty of the Philippine Scapes Award:
Erwin T. Lim , Mark Wendel Dela Cruz, Ramon F. Castillo, Benny Bondoc, John Javellana, Rodney Niduaza, Samuel De Leon, Ronie N. Poblacion, James Park, Leonardo Sexcion, Ferdinand M. Singh, Roberto Mendoza, and Carlo Carlos.

Professional Division - The Beauty of the Philippine People / Portrait Award:
Rosemarie Razon, Carlo Carlos, Walter C. Villa, Joseph R. Yamane, Rodolfo Manabat, Romulo Domagas, Dennis Magdamo, Rodney Niduaza, Rolando Jumawan, and Raniel Castañeda.

Professional Division - The Beauty of the Philippine Culture Award:
Ruel Bimuyag, Donald Tapan, Carlo Carlos, Bobby Timonera, Michael W. Li,
Arnold Jumpay, Erwin T. Lim, Rosemarie Razon, Raniel Jose Castañeda, Carolina Bustamante, Sixto M. Agraviador, Mark Wendel Dela Cruz, Jethro Rafael, and Jesus Tinapay

Enthusiasts Division - The Beauty of the Philippine Scapes Award:
Susan Celzo, Ernest Kurt C. Tan, Victor Alvarez, Merlie Biona, Antonio Rojas, Jr. , John Marcel Lainez, Roselyn F. Roldan, Jacob Maentz, Vincent Vilaroza,
Teodoro Labay Pelaez, Lhor Santillan, Joylove Delgado, and Judith Carlos.

Enthusiasts Division - The Beauty of the Philippine People / Portrait Award:
Leonard Pe, Pacita Tiong, Mark Sandoval, Hannibal Zenon Ong, William Lee Chin, Jacob Borres, Rustom Banal , Jr. , Jose Paolo Sanchez, Josaias De la Cruz, Ronald Rillo, McLloyd T. Jumpay, and Hersley-Ven D. Casero

Enthusiasts Division - The Beauty of the Philippine Culture Award:
Antonio Rojas, Jr., Jesse M. Narrazo, Joaquin Ruste, Lemuel Ragaza,
Maritoni Nanini, Jojie Alcantara, Maria Catalina G. Jumpay, Leslie Go Alcantara,
Rustom Banal, Jr., Pacita Tiong, Ronalie Beltran, Allan Ong, and Japoi Cequina

Junior Division - The Beauty of the Philippine Scapes Award/ People / Portrait Award/ Culture Award
Eouia Aum Dueñas, Marirose Angeline Lim, and Marilaine Claudette Gapal,

The awarding ceremony is tentatively scheduled on Sunday, 3pm-5pm, October 28, 2007 at the SM Mall of Asia. All finalists will be notified by emails so that they will be there to await the announcement of the contest’s nine lucky winners from the Professional, Enthusiast and Junior Divisions.

The 1st Philippine Airlines Photo Contest aims to promote Philippine ecotourism, as well as encourage photographers of all ages and skill levels to develop their talents. The competition is for the benefit of Philippine Airlines Foundations ecotourism projects, and is presented in partnership with EPSON and SM Supermalls. Sponsors include I-MAG Photography, Mabuhay Magazine,, El Nido, Marithe Francois Girbaud, The Tides Boracay, The EMBASSY, Gadgets Magazine, Speed Magazine, Action & Fitness, Graphic Expo and OWG Creative Centre.
Co-organized by OneWorkshop,Inc., and Eastgate Publishing Corporation.

Til Then,

The Lost Sputnik