Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Casaroro Falls, Negros Oriental

How to get there?

From Dumaguete City, take a jeepney (10 pesos) to Valencia Terminal. The travel time is approximately 15-20 minutes. From Valencia Terminal, take the ‘Habal-Habal’ (Single motorcycle) as they’re the only ones who can manage the rough road going up to Casaroro Falls. Bargain with the driver for the price of the trip, they usually ask around 150-200 pesos (round trip). We got ours for 230 pesos (from Valencia terminal-Casaroro falls-Dumaguete city). Travel time is approximately 20-30 minutes.

What to do?

From the entrance of Casaroro falls, there’s a signage that reads: We burn fats! Let's do the trek! So, everyone’s got to do the Cardio Exercise. Make sure to have a proper warm-up before hiking down the 338 steps to the river. Around the river are gazebos that are perfect for picnics. Then walk a few meters and cross the slippery rocks to reach the basin of the falls. For those who love swimming, this would be a unique experience as the water is ice cold. Don’t attempt to swim towards the center of the basin, as it could be really dangerous. Lastly, don’t forget to take photos. Casaroro Falls is known to be the most photographed falls near Dumaguete, it would be nice to have a souvenir.

When we went there, the path was being built leading to a view deck. They’d ask you to pay 20 pesos as entrance fee, I assume it’s for the structure and maintenance of the falls. Fair enough.

One of the many instances where we had to go down the Habal-Habal and climb up a few meters.

Yeah, let's burn those fats!!!

A few hundreds away, another hundred to go.

Nature's wonder!

Casaroro Falls is definitely a must-see in Negros Oriental. It’s very close to Dumaguete and easily accessible. The ‘habal-habal’ ride, the 338-step trek down the river, crossing the slippery rocks and swimming in ice-cold water definitely makes the experience worthwhile. Most importantly, just watching how the wonder of nature works is one for the books.So if you’re going to Dumaguete, make sure you put this in your list of must-see places!


cam said...

I don't really have list of places to go, but now i do. And it would all be waterfalls, those i've been to in the past and this one and others to come. Thanks, sputniks!

jesuschristsuperscar said...

love the updates, rils! i am glad to see that you are treking the places where not to many has gone! love the vids and the pics! great great!

Salene said...

Thanks for writing this.