Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lost Sputnik turns 1!

Exactly one year ago, I embarked on a journey that made a big impact in my life.

I went around the Philippines for two and a half months with no concrete itinerary in hand. I was literally living in a suitcase, well a backpack to be exact.I went from one place to another and didn't really know where I wanted to go. Pretty much the same as how my life was back then. I really didn't know where my life was headed to. I felt like I was just doing things for me to get by but with no specific goal whatsoever. I felt empty. I felt angry.

During that time, all I wanted to do was to be away from everyone and everything. To get lost somewhere and hoped that I would find myself one day.

Luckily and thankfully, I did.

And looking back now, I can't believe how far I've gone.

I read a few articles I've written before and I couldn't picture myself that way anymore. The emotions I've felt while writing all the things in my blog at that time seemed so distant or strange to me now. It's probably because I'm in a better disposition now. And I couldn't be thankful enough.

Hopefully, things will stay the same.

I'm taking it one day at a time. Enjoying every bits of it.

Trying to keep positive at all times.

Til Then,

The Lost Sputnik