Saturday, June 23, 2007

Help the students of Siquijor

When Toshito "Dagman" Harada, a retired Japanese teacher, first arrived in Siquijor, he discovered that at least half of the exisiting public schools in the province have no toilets or water supply. There was even a school in Pisong that only had 13 students from Grades 1 to 3, all sharing one classroom and one teacher. Most of these students stop studying after Grade 3 since their parents could not afford sending them to other schools to further their studies.

Dagman has since dedicated his life to help out these kids. He has sought the support of the Rotary Club in Japan to work with the Rotary Club of Siquijor Island to initiate projects for school children in the depressed areas of the province. This has resulted to the construction of restrooms and water systems in various schools.

With his "help-the-children-of-Siquijor-Island" campaign, Dagman has also been extending his appeal for help to common Japanese citizens by publishing his petitions on Japanese newspapers, inviting Japanese broadcast journalists to visit Siquijor, and even by standing at Japanese local train stations to ask for donation as he holds a box saying "Help Siquijor".

Dagman is now based in the province, where he has a resort called Villa Marmarine. Part of the income he gets from this business goes to the funding of the scholarship grants that he is extending to selected students of Siquijor. Three of his scholars are now taking up college in Larena while another one’s taking up nursing in Cebu. He hopes to send 10 more grade school graduates next year to college, and even more in the future.

You can also help Dagman help the children of Siquijor. You may get in touch with him at:

Villa Marmarine
Candanay Sur, Siquijor, Siquijor Island, Philippines
Tel. No. 63.035.480.9167
Mobile: 0919.465.9370

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dedicated staff outsource said...

Instead of just focusing on ill gotten wealth of a deceases president of to impeach the current president they should just help those poor citizens in countless distress province in the Philippines their main goal is to put up a good school so that children wont end up stealing or joining up gangs, they should also make education as a top priority in all areas of the Philippines for all we know Siquijor isn't the only place that needs help.