Sunday, June 3, 2007

APO ISLAND, Negros Oriental

APO ISLAND is situated just off the south coast of Negros. It’s known to be a diver’s paradise as it has a very rich marine life. For the non-divers, snorkelling can equally be as enjoyable. The island has well-preserved sanctuaries and the crystal clear water makes it easier to sight turtles and different kinds of fishes. For the on-foot explorers, the island is surrounded by hills that are not too hard to hike (less than 200 steps). The hike is definitely worth it as the view is simply enigmatic. From the top of the island, the ocean floor breaks into different hues of blue. Although it doesn’t have the long stretch of white powder-like sand along the shore, the life-size rocks and the spread of crushed corals makes up for it. The island has a small village, where around 200-300 locals reside, whom majority of them are farmers and fishermen. A generator powers the whole island, so electricity is scheduled all through out the day. Having no electricity in the Island most times makes you appreciate nature more as there won't be any distractions, it'll keep you focused.

Turtle Sanctuary

Fish Sanctuary

How to get there?

From Dumaguete City, hire a tricycle for 200-300 pesos or a van for 1,500-2,000 pesos to take you to Malatapay Market (drop-off point to Apo Island).The trip is approximately 30-40 minutes. From Malatapay Market, take an out-rigger boat for about 570 pesos(round trip) to Apo Island, travel time is approximately 45 minutes to an hour depending on the weather.

Where to stay?

Liberty Resort
Dorm Type- 300 pesos a night
Standard/Double Room- 1,378 pesos

The rooms are clean and spacious, just what you need in Apo Island, it's nothing fancy but it does its purpose. Take note, they use salt water even in their bathroom wells, so it might be wise to bring with you a liter of water (for brushing your teeth).

The resort has a restaurant, but food isn't that great, it's okay. It's actually better to eat at the 'carenderias' within the village.

To book, email

Another resort in the Island, well there's only two, is Kan Upi Resort. It's beach front and made out of concrete. A bit more expensive than the other but if you're sharing it with friends then it's all good.

What to do?

For the lovers of the underworld, Apo Island is definitely something to be experienced as it offers the best marine life. 'Paul's Dive Shop'offers diving lessons for begginers (up to 50% off for Filipinos according to Liberty, owner of Liberty's resort,rental of gears and equipments both for diving and snorkeling. So don't worry about the hassle of bringing your own gears and equipments as the rates aren't that expensive.

If you're tired of the water, climb up the hills of Apo Island to see the 360 degree view of the whole island. If that's still not enough, the lighthouse of the island is worth the hike as well.

A visit to the small village in the island is something to see as well as they have a few sari-sari stores, carinderia, billiard places and even a karaoke station.

Schedule of Electricity

Things to bring:

Flashlight or torch
Hand fans
Mosquito repellant

More photos to come.

Til then,

The Lost Sputnik


Joey said...

nice! very nice ron and tina. now i'm wondering why i haven't gone to dumaguete yet...the place is really interesting especially the way you shot it. inggit na si ikey. sana naman i could get a glimpse of you two in your next video.=)

take care. miss you guys!


Sammie said...

the place looks gorgeous. talk about undiscovered philippines...looks all good except for the bathroom though. i suppose you can't have everything. haha anyway also love the pic you took of camsi and tim. great place to start off your journey!

jesuschristsuperscar said...

huwaw rils! ang ganda dito! galing galing! tumatakbo na ang sputnik!

cam said...

Watching the video and checking out the pictures were excruciating. Made me regret the fact that I didn't go there last time I was in Iloilo. But I'm happy you both did. It's a breathtaking island, even from afar.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely put for Apo island,well done!Had been there last Aug '07 , jammy the weather deteriorated but we carried on and had only taken few good pics . Anyway ,it's great to come across your shared experiences with photos/video in your blog .


Marvin Alvarez said...

Nice pictures! It brings back fond memories of my time in Apo Island as well. I just had a lot of problems with the lack of running water :)

joselle said...

Great photos of Apo! Just went there last week, and still cannot get the place out of my mind. After seeing your post I became even more 'Apo-sick"...I also remembered what I forgot to bring home: a video!Grrr...