Thursday, July 26, 2007

Got a haircut in bohol, got my ears cut too!

Sunset in Bohol

Just a quick update. Yes, I went back to Bohol for two weeks. I was asked by my friend, Bianca, to help her out together with our other friend, Marty, for the Creative Industries Trade Exhibition. I'll write about it and post photos of our booth next time. I'm currently at Camotes Islands, the internet is taking ages. Watch out for Camotes Islands pictures too!

Oh and yes, I did have a haircut after travelling for 2 months-finally! I got it in a mall in Bohol and unfortunately it was bloody well not too much but still my ears got cut. It was a tiny cut, but still it bled. I kept my calm, and just candidly told the barber to just go on and finish my haircut. haha! I couldn't react, I can't get mad at him, his boss was right behind him and I didn't want him to lose his job. oh well!

Til Then,

The Lost Sputnik.


kegler747 said...

such an untoward event :) hehehe

i really love your blog, very informative and great pictures.

i have also a travel blog ... feel free to visit it

Happy traveling!

Elaine said...

Freaky!!! Panu pag natuluyan? hehe :)