Thursday, July 26, 2007

Au Revoir!

I thought I was going to cry the time I met Ron in Dumaguete at the beginning of our journey. I didn’t. Not until I was to take my flight back to Manila.

Taking this one month tour was a big feat for me. I thought it wouldn’t be easy to pull through and yet, looking back now, it kinda was. I’m thankful Ron’s travel plans came at a time when I realized I should be taking big steps towards doing what I want and getting back to the dreams that once sustained me and the things that made me feel passionate about writing and living. I was grateful my husband understood, and I praise God for putting everything to place.

There was not a moment in the trip when I regretted my decision to come along. What I had a lot of were moving moments when I got to see snippets of my old self. And soon that vision of the old me had somehow blended into the new. I felt myself again, but more grounded. Though I am no longer as dreamy as I once was, I felt a surge of passion rushing again and I love it.

Thanks R, for taking me to this journey, for being very patient with me, for taking good care of me, and for being such a dear, dear friend. I wish I have touched your life as much as you had touched mine.

Until our next journey,


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