Friday, July 13, 2007

The CDO white water rafting adventure!

The sputnik adventure would not be complete if we didn't do anything extreme. So when we got to Cagayan de oro or CDO, it was a must to try the famous white water rafting along the cdo river. On a very early saturday morning, Tina and I prepared ourselves to an extereme adventure that both of us haven't tried yet. We met up with the other adventure seekers in front of Mcdonalds along divisoria, signed the waiver which seemed so scary it's as if we agreed to let ourselves get killed and finally headed to the cdo river. The trip to the cdo river only took twenty to thirty minutes.

When we got to the river, I had a glance of the first rapid we have to go through and all I felt were pure excitement. We wore our safety gears and grabbed our paddles as if we're about to go to war. After all the instructions that were given to us, we hopped on our boat and started to paddle towards the first rapid. Adrenalin rush started to kick in as soon as we reached the first rapid. "Foward!" the team captain shouted and we paddled as hard as we could. The rapid was really strong. It felt like the boat was going to flip over. But our team were coordinated enough that we didn't flip over, not even once. We had to pass through fourteen rapids, five of which were wild some were chicken feed. haha! We also got the chance to dive into the river. It was so much fun as I've never tried swimming in the river.

I was really glad I got to experience this extereme ride as it was something I'd never forget. It made me proud that I was able to go through without thinking of backing out. Next time I visit cdo, I'd be more than willing to try the advanced level where rapids would be wilder. To our next extereme adventure, Cheers!

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