Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching up..not quite

I haven't updated this site for the longest time since I left the Philippines. I've got a pile of photos from my recent trip to bangkok and phuket, but just haven't had the time to upload it. I promise to do it within the month. Anyway, I've been quite busy with work. I'm directing a tv show here in singapore called Fashion Forward. Check this out.


Will post photos of singapore soon too.

The Lost Sputnik


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rhose said...

gud pm 2 all bantayanon ,god blees ganda tlga beach u jan .

rhose said...

hi add u me pls as a friend rhose villacin tga bantayan rn me d2 lng me nagwork sa paranque city. kmsta na tga bantayan ,rgds 2 all villacin family.

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