Friday, May 4, 2007

All about Sputnik

Most of you might be asking what in the world is a "sputnik"? Well, here's a bit of information about the "Sputnik" that I've humbly researched or must I say googled?!In a nutshell, a "Sputnik" is the first artificial satellite built and launched by the Russians during the late 1950s. It was designed to orbit the earth- the earth's travel companion. Thus, the word "Sputnik" which means 'Traveling companion' in the Russian language.

So why the lost sputnik?

I believe that we are all sputnik-like in one way or another, we travel through life following a certain orbit. Some of us choose to have a lucrative career, raise our own closely-knit family, or the-never-ending search for our own sputnik. We all have our own orbit, we choose the course of our lives. But not all sputniks are built the same way as some are almost perfect and others are faulty. Like the "Sputnik 1", when it was launched, it only lived for 6 months before falling back to earth. Sometimes, there comes a point in our lives that we lose our orbit, we get sidetracked, we fall- we get lost.

The Sputnik Adventure

In my search to finding my one true self, or should I say my own 'orbit', I realised that I'd have to go out of my comfort zone. Being a self-admitted travel addict and a passionate film-maker, I decided to combine both and use it for my conquest. I am immersing myself to a backpacking experience around the Philippines and everything will be documented through this blog. I will write about my realisations and upload photos/videos of my current whereabouts and happenings. I have no concrete itinerary, I'll let the road take me wherever.

I'm leaving with an open-mind as I believe that this expedition is a learning process to finding one's true substance. When I begin my journey, I aim to commune with different communities, rediscover my roots, showcase the beauty and culture of this country and maybe through all these (very hopeful) I find my way back to my real orbit.

The challenge is that I have a limited budget, so that would only mean that I'd have to travel cheap. I can only afford two plane rides (manila-first stop and last stop-manila), so I'd have to take the cheapest modes of transportation available in the area. So, hello to dirt roads and bonamine-induced boat rides. Another challenge is to find the cheapest accommodations, I can't afford luxury hotels. So, again, hello to sleeping bags, camping tents, transient homes, bed spaces or to the very kind people in the area that would let me stay in their homes for free =) Lastly, is to find a job in the area, because for sure my budget will reach rock-bottom, so I'd have to find any job available just to get me by.

To some this might sound crazy, but sometimes we just have to do drastic changes in our lives in order to realise what matters the most. I'm hopeful that the time away and being in the most unfamiliar places will give me the wisdom I've been looking for.

Come and join me as I begin this journey on the 28th of May. As to when I'll be back? Only time can tell.

Wish me luck.

Being lost somewhere is not what I fear the most, but the thought that I might not be able to find myself again.

The lost sputnik.


Sammie said...

Hey Rils, I admire your courage to do this. Wish you all the luck on your journey. It sounds quite scary and exciting at the same time...which usually is a good sign hehe. In the words of my english teacher... Be good. Be brave. Be safe.

margaux said...

I agree with Sam. Having the courage to get out of the box and do something for yourself is a great achievement. Hehe. I always pictured you doing the most drastic things that one would have trouble going through...But with you, I know you'll get through whatever it is.:) I'm so proud of you for doing this! You take care always, and pray a lot. Love you.:)

beachbutterfly said...

hey!! if you come this way.. you're free to sleep in your old room. Hehe.

I miss u.. i'm sure u'll do well. U cope so well with challenges and adversity. Don't forget to always post your adventures on here so I can live vicariously through you.

Are u bringing your mobile? i might need emergency ex-flattie chismisan sessions..

cristina said...

Hurrah, hurrah!I love the title (only someone really gorgeous could think of that :-)) love the concept, love the getting lost and being found part, but love the courage most of all!

Hope to see you in one of your destinations... and am reaally excited to see you at the last stop of your journey (Boraboraboraboracay???) and meet the "you" that you have found.

Godbless, R!

Mark Anthony said...

hey R, goodluck on your journey...

it'll be THE journey of YOUR lifetime..

hope we can all find our ORBITS soon..

take care always bro!

kat said...

hey real yo! a lot of courage you got in there. i feel so proud of you. is that a sign of maturity maybe? or plainly just a quest in search for truth and answers? well, whatever it is that got you to be a "lost sputnik", i hope that you find these answers. you'll be a different you when you get back. (slimmer for sure! yey! :p) so make the most out of it and hopefully by then, you change your line to "the found sputnik". simple lang yan. parang lost and found lang! gawd! this is long and going nowhere. but bottomline is, i got your back hunee. so good luck and congratulations in advance! :)

jillie said...

Realz my realz... sounds like this itinerary less trip is just a small part of a very fulfilling destination. I remember our convo the other day, and i hope you won't forget all the things we talked about (*hugs*) . I am very proud that you are putting yourself out there, it's one of those uniques ways for you to find yourself. You know, being at places where you don't even expect to be in will make you realize who you really are and what you are capable of. All I can say is just EMBRACE every single thought and emotion that goes with it.

You'll be encountering a whole lot of places "fo sho!" the question is, will you change your environment? Or will the environment change YOU ? You are a catalyst but at the same time i know you're not afraid of change. DUH?!?! That's exactly the reason why you're taking this trip in the first place!

Goodluck lover!! Mad respect to you as always =) As for me i have to tell you something!!!

Hit me up when you get the chance
love you!!!


vanessa said...

i want to go with you. really need the escape from reality right now!!! travelling alone is a good therapy when you feel lost. actually its the best therapy there is to get you back on the grove. good luck darling. keep me posted. who knows?! ill finally get the courage to escape my kingdom and follow you on july! - van

scarecrow said...

Hay Ron, I envy you for having the guts to do this. Letting go of everything and starting over without expectations and without attachments...
You're gonna be alright! Keep us posted on your exciting endeavor... Who knows, if time permits it, you might find me on the next flight to wherever you are... let's cross our fingers :) Goodluck!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron, what's up? Your trip sounds interesting, although it's kinda scary. Anyway, keep us updated and goodluck. See you soon. - Jerry

Anonymous said...
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Mayen said...

To my bestest friend... While I dread the thought of you leaving, I look forward to the possibilities--and believe me, I know they will be endless. Keep my text and read it from time to time, may it guide and inspire you. O siya, itetext ko na lang din ito sa yo or pag nag-usap na tayo. Hehehe. Love ya to death!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ron!
Im just a text away if you're a little bit lost in ILOILO city!

-agustin montealto