Monday, May 14, 2007

So the two sputniks

When tina asked me if she can come along, I didn't hesitate to say yes straightaway. Aside from my bestfriend Mayen (who's equally an awesome writer too), she's someone that I look up to as she's been working as a writer for about ten years now. I constantly ask advices from her when it comes to so many things about career or the so-called "rakets". She helps me put things in perspective during the times I needed it the most. I admire her for having the courage to decide to leave everything behind for a while (for a month), and join me in this life-altering trip. I know that she has a lot of responsibilities that she has to attend to, so I know how hard it was for her to come up with a decision. But thanks to her very understanding and supportive husband, Raymond, who made it easier for her to decide. Having her around in this sputnik adventure would surely be a blast as I know that I can learn so much from her as well.

What's ironic about this sputnik adventure is that we're both going to the same places together and share common experiences but seperately, behind all these, we find our own true substance-our own orbits.

So T, I can confidently tell you as early as now that you've made the right decision to join this trip. You'd be gone for a month, but what you'd learn from this will definitely last you for a lifetime.

So goodluck to us! Cheers mate!


P.S. (since pinauso mo na ang P.S. haha)

If in the middle of our trip, you decide to go for morethan 1 month, just let me know, I'd be morethan willing to tag you along til the end of this trip. T, you got 3 weeks to go!


I only got 2 weeks to go before I leave for my first destination. I wake up each morning having butterflies in my stomach. It's as if once I've opened my eyes, I hear the song "I'm so excited..but I just can't hide it..I'm about to lose control..and I think I like it." playing incessantly in my head then I break into a dance number..nah just kidding! hahaha!

Days are getting by so quick. Next time I post something here, I'd be on the way to... I'll tell you all soon! =)

til next time!

The Lost Sputnik.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,

Good luck on your search! Life is a journey(or is it more of a pilgrimage in your case?), and unlike the most of us, you're definitely making the most of it in your own way.

Anyway, hope you find what you're looking for. :)