Sunday, August 5, 2007

El Nido Paradiso

This is by far the best island that I've seen in this whole lost sputnik trip. Words are not enough to describe how spectacular the islands that I went to a while ago. Even if I tried, I would run out of words to describe how beautiful the islands of palawan are. So I'll let the photos speak for itself.

Welcome to Paradise!

Wasn't that just amazing?

Til Then,

The Lost Sputnik.


Ely said...

i'm envious. You're so lucky, you have all the time to travel around the country...

ruccielle said...

Yep! It's truly amazing!=)...Grabe, kainggit ka naman! Island hopping ka na lang ng island hopping! What an adventure...=)

You take care! Miss you rills!

beachbutterfly said...

ang itim mo na guys! Lovely lovely tan. I hope to chat to you soon. I have lots of good (and not so) news. I'm buying you a shirt from Cotton On (ahem. my new employer) this week. I'm sick of your green shirt na! Hahaha. Love u!!!!